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The First 100: A Pop-Up Community of 100 People "Doing 100 Things" Over the Course of 100 Days (Starting January 9th)


this is my twitter friend, @visakanv.

one of the things he's most well known for is his "do 100 things" challenge (which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like tbh but you can learn more about it riiiight here 👇)

anyway, i recently sent visa a google doc at 1:15am, and this is what it said:

hey, visa!​

i made this doc to show you a rough sketch of an idea i'm really excited about.

if you think it's a cool, fun remix of the "do 100 things" concept, then i can make it happen sooner rather than later (like within a few weeks or so).

if, however, it feels more like a cheap-imitation grift, then just say the word, and i will happily go back to the drawing board.

either way, i hope it's obvious that this is coming from a place of love and respect and a desire to contribute to the scene in a meaningful way that feels authentic to me.

ok, so...

i call it "the first 100," which would basically just be a group of 100 people "doing 100 things" over the course of 100 days. oh, and as for the cost? why, $100, of course!

the people who want to fuck around and find out but don't want to do it alone (or on the main timeline if they don't want to).

the first 100 would help them...
• experiment more freely with less fear
• cement a new creative habit and hone their skills
• build a small body of work and get feedback on it
• make new friends and find accountability buddies
• work on whatever they want and have fun while they learn

• a community of 100 like-minded people
• a 1-on-1 consulting session with me
• a 90-min kickoff event / ama with @visakanv (i would pay you for this obv)
• a "decentralized" (via zoom rooms) happy hour event once a week
• a library of curated content, recommendations, and event/session recordings

step 1) decide what they will do for 100 days straight (ask me for help if needed)

step 2) introduce themselves and share their intentions with the group

step 3) work on their "thing" for ≤ 1 hour/day and post "proof of process" daily

step 4) there is no step 4 — that's it!

questions, comments, concerns? i'd be happy to clear up any confusion if need be!

​seconds later, visa replied:

this was the end of our conversation but it got me thinking: fuck that! why wait? "doing 100 things" isn't about polishing. it's about publishing!

so here i am, publishing my rough draft, and here you are, reading it.

​if you think this "first 100" experiment sounds like your idea of fun, then grab your ticket before they sell out, share the link to this page with all of your twitter friends, and let's make this thing up as we go... one step at a time... over the course of 100 days ;)

This product is not currently for sale.

The First 100: A Pop-Up Community of 100 People "Doing 100 Things" Over the Course of 100 Days (Starting January 9th)