Create Your Character: A Workbook to Help You Build Your Identity in the Story of Life

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get a step-by-step guide to Creating Your Character (without the debt, dogma, and bullshit)

hi! i'm trace! 👹

i created this workbook because, when i first heard the quote up above, i had so many questions.

how does one go about creating themselves? is there a right and wrong way to do it? who can steer me in the right direction?

first, i went to my college career counselors, who essentially said, “this personality test will give you a list of 10 careers that align with your personality.”

“sounds great!" i replied. "what’s next?”

“that’s it.”


i felt so betrayed! there were no in-depth discussions. no reverse engineering situations. no strategic planning sessions. nothing!

is that really it? i wondered. it can’t be! they barely did anything at all! if my career counselor can’t help me, then who can? did everyone else have a similar experience, or do i just need to get a new counselor?

but it wasn’t just me! almost everyone i talked to back then had had a similar experience. and the reality of my situation slowly sunk in. nobody was coming to save me. i would have to solve this problem for myself. but how?

i had no clue where to begin, and, as a result, i made every mistake in the book.

studying the wrong subjects in school forced me even further into debt... talking to spiritual advisors forced me into dogmatic thinking patterns... following self-help gurus forced me to sift through a bunch of unnecessary bullshit...

after everything i went through, i realized three important things:

1. Creating Your Character shouldn't be so difficult, expensive, or painful

2. everyone should have access to experts dedicated to solving this problem

3. i could be one of those experts

eventually, i just said "screw it" and wrote the book i couldn't find but always needed to read.

whether you dream of following a well-worn path or taking the road less traveled, i want to help you Create Your Character — without the debt, dogma, and bullshit.

this step-by-step guide will teach you:

  • how your past can better inform your present
  • how to accurately gauge where you currently are today
  • how to articulate what you want for your future

forget “finding” your self; Create Your Character instead! 😊

p.s. if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, just send me an email at within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.


"this was very helpful. can recommend! it was full of insightful suggestions, highly relevant for my situation. feeling weirdly confident about this whole life-fixing endeavor."

"i was surprised by how helpful this was. it had a lot of great questions. it helped me see myself more completely. it helped me see that i could release this pressure i put on myself to 'choose a style,' to acknowledge and appreciate this colourful tapestry that i am. beautiful. it brought a tear to my eye!"

"prior to working with trace, i felt unmoored because i had already accomplished everything i set out to accomplish, and i wasn't sure where to go or what to do next. trace helped me to reinforce my historical purpose and gently reminded me that the future would require me to step out of my comfort zone. solid 8 out of 10."

"infinitely grateful for the book! without it, i wouldn't have started my journey until some other angels came along. now i have the clarity i needed and an operating system for how to go about these things in the future."

"i don't know what i want to 'do with my life!' that's a very scary concept and trying to arrive at an answer always makes me feel overwhelmed and lost. it seems borderline impossible, or like i just have to stumble through things until the answer ~hits me~ which is a really helpless place to be. really appreciated this workbook, not something i would've expected to get as much out of as i did. if you're on the fence about it, double check with yourself that your trepidation is specifically about the book, because it could be that you're actually nervous about tackling big scary questions. i definitely was!"

"the workbook was useful to see that i had a firm grasp on what i wanted, and i was in a good place in my job (to negotiate part time work)."

"thank you once again, times a million!! for the book, for the talks, for everything!"

"i believed trace could tell me what to do, and where to start, but he helped me realize that i already knew the way forward, i was just struggling with confidence. now that i'm throwing myself into my side hustle and my career, i see the value in customizing the rest of my life to fit me, my schedule, and the future i'm building for myself. to anyone on the fence about this, i'd say make like nike and 'just do it.' you won't find anyone else as good at peeling back the layers until your vision is revealed to you. he's experienced, forthright, and incredibly good at his job."

questions + answers

who is this for exactly?

the people i've helped so far have ~roughly~ fallen into one of three categories:

1. students trying to figure out what they want to study

2. professionals thinking about starting or switching careers

3. creators launching a new, ambitious project

what makes you think you have all the answers?

HA! hahah! hahahaha lolololololol lmfao! i don’t! not even close! to pretend that i did would be a bald-faced lie. but luckily for me, Creating Your Character is less about having the right answers and more about asking the right questions. and luckily for you, i can help you with that. i use a bottom-up approach, which means that, instead of lecturing from atop a soapbox, i tailor the strategies and tactics to each and every individual.

aren’t there any books/videos/podcasts on this subject?

absolutely! i will recommend many of them to you myself. they're pretty great if you have the time to digest the materials and figure out the best ways to apply them to your life. but not everybody has that kind of time to spare!

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Create Your Character: A Workbook to Help You Build Your Identity in the Story of Life

11 ratings
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